Vollmer Angus Ranch​

Welcome to our Ranch!

Our ranch was started in 1952 by Alvin & Verna Vollmer, Allen's parents.  The family owned and operated ranch is located in the Couteau region of ND where the tall-grasses and the short-grasses of the prairie meet.  Nearly all of the forage and feed needed for the cowherd is raised right here at the ranch.  Cell grazing and no-till farming are important production elements of VAR, a past recipient of the Achievement Award for the Burleigh Co. Soil Conservation District. 

​​Home to Three Generations of Vollmer Family Members

 They might be the "Queens of the Ranch" but they are  still expected   to  work for a living.  We are a no frills  operation where the 575+ cows are culled heavily for   disposition, mothering ability, performance and  reproductive  excellence.  Plus they have to know how to do well on grass and survive a North Dakota winter.